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Sorry, I haven't been active this past few weeks and thank you all for the comments in the group comment section.

This week feature is:

Can true love really happen?She dances,
Delicately around him.
Engulfing him in flames of affection.
He is falling,
Falling slowly for her.
AS she smiles and focuses only on him,
He only focuses on her.
Fireworks engulf them as they fall,
Fall only for each other.
He falls for her,
And she falls for him.
Months later and they are still forever together,
She is the dancer,
And he,
The joker.

Silver Tongued MysteriesThat night, when your lips tasted of butterflies,
I discovered supernovae in your eyes.
Your gossamer lashes brush against my skin
and my heart soars like symphonic violins --
but your apocryphal words cloud in my mind
as I realize for so long I have been blind.
I am a panther caged in your desire; weak,
filled with an apathy that makes my bones creak.
The roots connecting me to earth are brittle
as burned wood, a pain that throbs inside my skull.
That night, when your lips tasted of butterflies,
I discovered supernovae in your eyes.
Your gossamer lashes brush against my skin
and my heart soars like symphonic violins.
The sky-trees sing of ignorance in beauty,
telling stories within their aging rings, free.
Their voices twine together in the east wind
and make their way to me, though my eyes are dimmed,
all the way across the ocean. I struggle
away from the abyss that seems so chasmal
while pressing my footprints into silver sand;
trying to leave a permanent mark here, and
that night,

Congratulations! More feature next week!
Hello everyone, I know some of you might be tired of reading my essay. But this will be my last essay of the school year. If you have some free time, please help me edit my last essay of the year. I really hope I can make a A+ in this essay so I can have a B in my English class.

This is a write any you want essay, I can make up any thing I want. Must be in third person. All of the grade come from grammar, I try my best and get help from other people but I still got a lot of points count off for my grammar in my last two essay.

So, please help me get more people to edit my essay. The more the better for me.

Update note: 
I want to start off by saying thank you so much for the edit and your time. I am greatly appreciated. Now I have a newer version, there will be a lot less mistakes. But, I still want someone to prove read over it one more time please. My English teacher want perfection, she check on smallest details on grammar.  This will be my last grade in the class. 


                            People Should Learn How to Fly Like a Bird

    At first thought, flying is not a fun thing to do. When someone flies during the winter time it’s going to be cold, or a bird might run into a person’s face if they are not paying attention to where they is going. However, at a second glance flying is a great ability to learn because it saves time, it keeps a person healthy and it’s safe.

    First of all, learning how to fly can save a person a large amount of time, which is one of the reasons why people should learn how to fly like a bird. Dr. Cheese Cake, former chief member of the time saving department in Dallas, Texas, said “Flying is a great ability to learn because a person can travel up to 35 miles per hour compare to an average human walking speed of 3.1 miles per hour.” In addition to speed, Dr. Mcdonald Menu, chief member of time management in Manhattan, New York, has found that if a person flies more than 3 hours a day, that person will be faster at tasks such as cooking, cleaning, studying and reading than those who don’t fly at all.

    Secondly, flying will keep a person healthy for their entire life, and that also proves why people should learn how to fly like a bird. Little Bunny, a civilian living in New York that flies to work every day, has never had a health problem since the first day Mr. Bunny started flying to work in 1999. In addition to Little Bunny, Jackie North, learned how to fly when he was two years old, and now he is ninety-nine. He is recorded in the Guinness World Records as the healthiest person alive.

    Finally, The Accident Department of America can prove that people should learn to fly like a bird. Dr. Jack Joke, chief member of Accident Department of America, has received zero reported accidents for those who were flying during the last three years. However, there have been more than nine-thousand car accidents reported during the last three years according to Dr. Aaron Exit, member of Accident Department of America.  

    It saves time, it keeps a person healthy and because it’s safe proves that people should learn how to fly like a bird. So, obviously, flying is a great thing to learn. 

As always, thank you so much for the help. I will also feature your art in the next week feature as a thank you for your time. I will give you a llama as well.
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Mature content
A POEM TO... :iconmicku-kun:micku-kun 0 2
LazyTown - Jealousy, Chapter 7
So the next day our little group decided to go on a camp, in the outskirts of the town, after the woods, nearby the lake. Sportacus was already done packing his things, so he went to check on the Meanswells if they were ready. He went and knocked on their door and the mayor opened it.
“Oh, hello, Sportacus! Come in! The girls are still getting their things ready,” Milford told him as he entered, but they didn’t have to wait long for Maddie to come out of her room with her backpack and her guitar in its case, both hanging on her back.
“Well, I’m ready! Oh, hi, sweetie!” she greeted him with a kiss, right in front of her dad.
“Ahm... I really hope to see less things like this in our camp for the next three days,” he said.
“Sorry, daddy,” Maddie apologized and the couple giggled.
“Ok, ready to go,” Stephanie said coming from her room.
“Great, now we’re all here, let’s go, then!” Sportacus said
:iconhazmanot-azarim:Hazmanot-Azarim 1 2
El verdadero valor de un mentiroso no esta en ser capaz de convencer a su objetivo de la veracidad de sus palabras. Su poder consiste en creer lo que se dice mientras se mira directamente a los ojos. sin perder nunca noción de la realidad en la que vive.
Según Abraham Lincoln, "Ningún hombre posee una memoria suficientemente buena para ser exitoso al mentir". Sin embargo el tiempo y la evolución de los seres humanos, especialmente la de sus colegas políticos, se han encargado de mostrar que, el se equivocaba.
Por el contrario el escritor Stephen King dijo algo que me parece mucho mas realista y coherente mencionando que "La confianza de los inocentes es el arma mas poderosa del mentiroso". ahora, en pleno siglo XXI... ¿Cuanta inocencia le resta a una persona comun y corriente?.
Habiendo sido victima mas de lo que he sido victimario, puedo decir sinceramente que hay mentiras mejores que una verdad. ¿Acaso no es por ejemplo mas feliz un pa
:iconmicku-kun:micku-kun 3 4
We always knew what was going to happen
This was going to end
Love is not our thing
:iconmicku-kun:micku-kun 1 2
When you call I follow
The hypnotic echo
That dances through the city
Until I find the source
And reunite with my love
Today is no different
But I can't help feeling
A destructive aura
As I walk through the city
Is it all in my imagination
Or is it real?
I have no clue
I just want to find you
All of a sudden
I see an old man running
Screaming this
At the top of his lungs,
"I have seen the unthinkable!
A sign from Poseidon
And his brother Hades!
Immense columns of flame
Have lit up the sky!
Imbuing it with
Every color imaginable
Before turning white
And disappearing!
The end is nigh!"
Once he disappears behind me
I can feel my heart sink
What if that presence I felt
Was another sign?
Is the end really coming? No!
It's all in my head!
Nothing's gonna happen
I continue on my search
Chasing after your echo
Through every corner
Of the city
When suddenly I feel
The aura grow stronger
I look up to the sky
And to my horror
I see the unthinkable
The columns of flame
The old man described
Have l
:iconomarius99:Omarius99 4 12
SakuIno: Together Page 01 by mattwilson83 SakuIno: Together Page 01 :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 90 17 The reason I stayed 01 by mattwilson83 The reason I stayed 01 :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 194 52 NHC: Volume 21 by mattwilson83 NHC: Volume 21 :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 233 133
Devious Journal Entry
Heart breaks,
Heart aches.
Words unspoken,
never forgotten.
Life goes on,
All this but amiss.
:icons0ulless0ne:S0ulless0ne 0 1
Devious Journal Entry
A man with a sharp tongue does far more damage then a man with a sharp blade.  For he can leave you broken,
tattered, and with a bruised ego, that you man never recover from.  Yet, you have to live the rest of your days
facing this fact.  Where as the man with the blade destroy's you in one failed swoop, both mind and body. 
:icons0ulless0ne:S0ulless0ne 0 2
Mature content
Warmth :iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 2 2
It Is Worth It
It Is Worth It   2/17/14
The moon and the sun should be given a new home.
For nothing is brighter than the kindness you've shown.
I cannot breathe...
And I know you said that you'd gladly
give me some of your air.
But I gladly would stop breathing -
if it meant the slightest touch
because I want you TOO much.
And all the colors of the world
blend and bleed and begin to swirl.
Now I am dizzy...
And I don't know why you would reach
so low or how I could possibly reach so high.
When did light ever mix with shadow?
Or petrifying pain belong to purifying pleasure?
When the Earth meets the sky
and our worlds collide
I'm not sure we can survive.
I feel on the verge of shattering...
You once told me that we can overcome
anything if we truly believe it's worth it.
Every fiber of my being screams out.
Every memory I own vibrates about -
the first time I saw your face,
my eyes were not ready for that embrace.
Sometimes to stand we have to stumble
and to be built up we have to crumble.
And al
:iconshep4life:shep4life 17 60
Permanent Vacation
Whip you like a pistol,my fist like a guided missile
Im wound up tight,ill grind you into gristle
ill put you down like a rabid animal,im not cold blooded
Im hot like a mammal,but cold like steal
and i hope you can feel,every blow like a heartbeat
as feelings leak out of you,i see you screaming
ill open you up like a window,you get my meaning
i dont live like this,but if i still did,oh what bliss
i fall back now,and just try to breathe,because anger was a drug
that would kill all my feelings,make my heart black
just like when i used to shoot all that smack
so glad im not living like that anymore
pain can be freeing,used like a door
teach you to love what hates you
to fight all those feeling that drag you to the floor
ive gotten up now,risen to the occasion
i know the origin of those feelings now
and their exact location
in the center of fear,i wont let it get near
i wont give in to its tempting provocation
im on permanent vacation
sitting in the light of the sun
and i aint moving till
:iconjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk:jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk 6 7
Oh artist of skin, listen to thine muse;
sing into my flesh an ink song,
        in whorls of color.
    kiss me with sharp piercing needles,
pain like a panacea is flowing through me,
as your art is born in my dermis.
        oh tangled skeins of halfborn art,
live out potent dreams on this, your noah's ark.
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 3 10
Her lips are the bottle
from which ever I must drink.
:iconsleenthebeast:SleentheBeast 2 8
Mature content
The Aficionado Sheets :iconsleenthebeast:SleentheBeast 7 24



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